PlayOn 2016

Hailed as “Spotify for internet TV”, PLAYON is a powerful tool that transforms web streaming, allowing users to play, cast and record any web video. PLAYON provides access to thousands of shows and movies and lets users watch content any time and on any device. With over five million users and growing, we’ve been featured

Hotspot for iPhone & Android

  Now spread in several cities across the US, Hotspot is a startup I started working with in Spring, 2013 (Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer). Originally based out of Seattle and now moved to New York, Hotspot is a “deals” app that let’s users get cheap- if not free- drinks and food from bars and restaurants by simply

Maim Street

“Best New Games”, “New Games We Love” -2016 In So Choice Softworks’ “Maim Street,” you are a crossing guard helping people across the street. But there are too many cars. Like, way too many. You can’t save everyone! Earn prizes to upgrade your game, and even unlock the powerful bazooka to turn the tide of


A site built on behalf of the Interfaith Alliance, a non-profit looking to build bridges between communities of faith and culture; Movement&Faith served as their national online magazine and journal for 3 years. Covering topics of local and international significance, the online magazine interviewed popular thinkers and activists and brought these ideas to the table