Fancy Dog creates premium, hand-made products for dogs. Their new website features their newest collection of bow tie collars, now available.

Roles; creative direction, product branding, site design, photo set production, prototyping.

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The Naked Boss, a workplace transparency database where users could read reviews of potential workplaces or rate their supervises and their companies, was, unfortunately, a startup never-to-be-launched. But it was a lot of fun getting to work on this nonetheless.

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The web-based service featured robust artwork and a clean and simple to use interface that allowed users to quickly query the database for a company or a specific person and see entire hierarchies within the company. Users could then rate their supervisor based on the 5 parameters that defined a healthy work and managerial environment. The totals were constantly being averaged out to give a unique overall score and users could also leave a review for others to read.

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The site was further gamefied in that users could choose from endless costumes and avatar themes with which to dress their bosses up. A bidding system was added to allow for people to outbid each other to in order to add additional accessories and costumes.

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On top of this, I worked to roll out email, newsletter and online marketing collateral, all featuring illustrations that I worked on for the project.

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The site was entirely illustrated in Illustrator and used various levels of image mapping to allow for costume overlays, as well as avatar creation.
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The Naked Boss allows users to find, rate and review their bosses and work place. Personal project; Creative Direction/UX/Illustration




iOS app designed for a private client; iReaditNow is for the student, academic and for the avid reader. The application allows the user to track their reading history as well as compile a constant stream of notes and quotes and analyze texts with real-time statistics. Art Direction/UX/Illustration



From 2011 to 2012 I oversaw design and brand creation for this Greek-based coffee franchise, based out of Thessaloniki, Gr. I worked with the team to scout locations, create the brand identity and even help design and build the flagship location- including a 9 foot wood chandelier. iheart_merch_o



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Art direction, branding/identity, marketing materials and web collateral for Soundview Paper Co. (Website creative direction; Doug Gneiting)

Over the course of a year I worked on establishing the new look and feel of this national paper company based out of New York. Aside from the website, which allowed buyers to get up close with the products, I focused on print, web, and large construction pieces that included a 90 foot building wrap showing off their company’s 90 year history…

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Soundview1_oSoundview4_o Soundview3_o Soundview2_oTradeshow Booth_FINAL.indd


Branding/identity, marketing materials for Soundview Paper Co.

Website art direction; Doug Gneiting



Website design for a european clothing company based in Thessaloniki, Greece. They wanted their warm, woodsy brand feel to carry into their online identity. What we came up with was a highly skeuomorphic site design that focuses on the sensation of stepping into one of their stores. Ultra_o