Website Redesign

After working on the massive rebranding and redesign of their entire software suite, the website was in desperate need of a redesign. Their current site as of Spring, 2015, was a bit outdated and wasn’t doing much to engage potential customers. On top of reworking business strategies to now offer a free download of the app, the website needed to properly funnel people into downloaded while also offering a glimpse of the robust premium features.

Here is a preview of the previous home page;



After spending a good chunk of time conceptualizing and wireframing with other members of the team, I was able to come up with the following three page views, each comprising the majority of main user acquisition flow. Subjective aesthetics aside, the new site was design to pull users into a narrative flow that walks them through the value statements and into the major features of PlayOn. Overall, it builds on a sense of movement, storytelling and engaging graphics that help sell potential customers on the value of PlayOn.

Home Page:

Features page with sub navigation to quickly scroll to sections of interest:


And the “What’s On” page, with an ‘endless scrolling’ tile view that shows off a chunk of the awesome content users can watch, record and cast with PlayOn.